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Isolation Pods

Crisis Situations Call for Iso-Pods

The CDC recommends the use of isolation rooms to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other highly infectious diseases. Iso-Pods are an easy-to-install, short-term solution that can be quickly set up in temporary quarantine spaces like auditoriums, convention centers, and overflow hospitals.

Installation is easy by whatever staff you have available. Just plug it into an electrical source, connect to an outgoing exhaust duct and it’s ready to go.


  • Setting up single-occupancy isolation units in temporary hospitals, care centers, triage facilities
  • Adding isolation capacity to an existing facility
  • Retrofitting a current facility with isolation rooms

Features & Benefits

  • Self-contained, negative-pressure, single-occupancy unit
  • Integrated HEPA filtration, vented to external air
  • Optional UV treatment of exhaust air for internal venting (with longer lead times)
  • Minimum 12 air changes per hour and 0.01-inch WC negative pressure differential, per CDC guidelines
  • Prefabricated systems are fast and easy to build on site; No special skills required
  • Fully wired and ready to go. Just connect to 120V power
  • Two overhead lights; single switch
  • Various sizes to accommodate different patient treatment requirements
  • Suitable for standalone use, or combinations as banks or rows
  • Local manufacturing and technical support


To Customize or Order

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