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Reopen Safely and In Compliance with NYS Mandates

RP Fedder sells the upgraded air filters, portable air purifiers and UV-C lights recommended for safe business reopening by experts like ASHRAE, AIA, EPA, and the CDC.

In addition, we have a large team of Filtration Specialists ready to help you choose the best indoor air quality solutions for your business to protect your workforce.

Please Contact Us if You Have Questions About Topics Related to Indoor Air and Filtration

MERV 13 Filters

We can help with:

  • Procuring the premium MERV 13 filters set by ASHRAE as the new minimum requirement
  • Advice on what air filtration aspects to upgrade & what to leave alone
  • Guidance on getting the most from high-efficiency filters

Learn more about MERV 13 Filters

UV-C Lights & Portable Air Purifiers

Why These are Valuable:

  • They sterilize viruses and bacteria, preventing them from recirculating in your office and making your employees sick
  • They are recommended for critical and high-traffic areas of your building or areas with low airflow and can be used in hospital air purification systems to combat microscopic pathogens

HEPA Air Filters

  • Protect your workers & your HVAC equipment by capturing a broader array of contaminants

Energy Savings Free Site Audit

  • Learn how the right filter can save your organization thousands of dollars in energy costs each year


We can help you think through the efficacy of various options and evaluate what will work best in your building.