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Better Air Filters Crucial in Post-COVID World

(From the Rochester Business Journal // July 23, 2020) As the Rochester region and the state slowly begin to stabilize from the pandemic and businesses consider how and when they might reopen under Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s directives, experts say air quality and filtration play a crucial role in those decisions.

“Anyplace that’s got people coming in and out and employees working for an extended period of time really needs to think about how to create safe air in this post-COVID world,” said Christopher Fox, owner and president of R.P. Fedder Industrial LLC, a Rochester-based supplier and manufacturer of custom filter solutions. “It manifests itself most dramatically in large indoor spaces where many people come, like a mall, which is why there are directives about malls.”

Indoor air quality will be a concern for other gathering spots, like schools and gyms, Fox added.

“There’s a reason why bars and restaurants and churches and clubs and indoor arenas are hot spots, places where people will spend an hour or two,” he said. “If the people who own these places can understand the science, understand what’s behind the risk, then the actions they take to create a safer environment will make sense and they’ll be more inclined to take them.”

In April or May, Fox noted, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers and others offered…(CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE IN PDF FORMAT)