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Industry Solutions

Gyms & Fitness Studios

Breathing deeply should come with the promise of clean air. More


Give your hotel guests peace of mind, knowing they're breathing the cleanest air in your facility. More

Restaurants & Cafes

Keep your establishment open, clean and safe no matter what's in the air. More

High-Tech Manufacturing

Your innovative products deserve a cutting-edge filter. We'll work with you to custom create the best filter, whatever the application. More

Food & Beverage Producers

Solve your most challenging processing issues, maximize food & beverage yields and protect your brands. More

Life Sciences & Research

Ensure your mission critical spaces are the sterile spaces they need to be to enable biotech research advancements and cutting-edge discoveries by those who use them. More


Create the clean, disinfected environment needed to help you maintain the highest standards in healthcare. More


Deliver higher levels of indoor air quality to the students and staff who rely on you to keep their school or university running in top condition. More


Improve the air quality and growing conditions of your cannabis facility. More