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Molecular Filtration

Carbon filtration, chemical filtration, gas-phase filtration… No matter what name you use, the molecular filters we offer remove harmful and unpleasant particles, gases, odors, bacteria, and viruses from the environment. Purafil and D Mark are two of the largest lines we carry and are capable of controlling odor, corrosion and toxic gases across a variety of applications.

The molecular filtration products we carry can be used virtually anywhere and include: panels, bags, boxes, beds, cylinders & loose media.

Odor Control

Odor control is a significant concern for many industries, creating a nuisance that must be remediated. The scope of our molecular filter applications is unlimited, including ultra-clean air for high-tech & pharma-manufacturing, as well as preventing the spread of infectious diseases in hospitals. Other applications include removing odors and contaminants from public spaces such as airports, healthclubs, shopping malls, offices, and the like. Basically, anywhere large groups of people gather. And because of the increasing amount of chemicals used worldwide, odor control is growing in importance.

Corrosion Control

Molecular filters can also be used for corrosion control in applications such as electronic equipment, and prevent overheating and equipment failures from occurring.


If you work in an industry where accidental releases of toxic gases are a concern, we proudly carry Purafil’s full line of dry scrubbers, and Vanaire’s line of wet scrubbers designed to handle a variety of particulate and/or gas contaminants.