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MERV Rating Chart

Understanding MERV Ratings

All filters have a MERV rating that falls between 1 and 16. The rating describes a filter’s effectiveness at removing particles from the air. The higher the MERV rating, the more a filter can capture and the cleaner the air will be. Filters with high MERV ratings (such as MERV 13 filters) are recommended wherever super-clean air is desired or required.

MERV Rating Chart

MERV Rating Chart – Click to See Enlarged Version

An important thing to know, however, is that MERV ratings are not standard. They will vary from one brand to the next. One filter with a MERV rating of 14 may be able to remove VOCs* from the air, while a different filter with the same rating may not be able to. Reasons include:

  • Filter frames and gaskets inside HVAC systems can negatively impact filter efficiency
  • Synthetic, charged coarse-fiber filters drop in MERV rating as they’re used
  • Some manufacturers claim MERV ratings that their filters simply don’t have

To counter this, we carry and recommend the complete line of Camfil premium filters for facilities looking to upgrade their filter efficiency.