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MERV Rating Chart

Understanding MERV Ratings

All filters have a MERV rating that falls between 1 and 16. The rating describes a filter’s effectiveness at removing particles from the air. The higher the MERV rating, the more a filter can capture and the cleaner the air will be. Filters with high MERV ratings (such as MERV 13 filters) are recommended wherever super-clean air is desired or required.

MERV Rating Chart

MERV Rating Chart – Click to See Enlarged Version

An important thing to know, however, is that MERV ratings are not standard. They will vary from one brand to the next. One filter with a MERV rating of 14 may be able to remove VOCs* from the air, while a different filter with the same rating may not be able to. Reasons include:

  • Filter frames and gaskets inside HVAC systems can negatively impact filter efficiency
  • Synthetic, charged coarse-fiber filters drop in MERV rating as they’re used
  • Some manufacturers claim MERV ratings that their filters simply don’t have

To counter this, we carry and recommend a line of premium air filters by Rensa and Camfil for facilities looking to upgrade their filter efficiency.